Joana Pinto Coelho


Joana Pinto Coelho practices in the area of employment law, providing legal advice to companies on day-to-day matters arising from labour relations, as well as on issues related with disciplinary proceedings, businesses restructurings, among others. She also provides legal advice to workers, frequently representing clients in disciplinary proceedings and in negotiations for the termination of employment contracts. Her activity also extends to labour litigation.

Practice Areas e Industry Sectors
  • Law Degree from the Law Faculty of Coimbra University, in 2002
  • Post graduate degree in employment law by the Catholic University (Oporto Law School), in 2008
  • Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association in 2005
Joana Pinto Coelho, CCSM

Languages Portuguese, English and Spanish

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CCSM is a law firm resulting from the association in 2019 of GMSCC (Gil Moreira dos Santos, Caldeira, Cernadas e Associados) with Sousa Magalhães e Associados, being both of them law firms firmly established for several decades in the Portuguese legal sector.
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