Ccsm, Covid-19 report

Covid-19 Report

The epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has caused several changes in society.

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Whistleblowing and Illegality Prevention

It will take place on the 18th and 19th of November, at the University of Mila.

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Club disciplinary responsibility

Nuno Brandão and Telma Vieira Cardoso, partner and associate of CCSM ..

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Speaker at the VI Processulus congress

Fernando da Silva Pereira, CCSM associate, participates ...

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Gil Valente Maia defends master's thesis

Gil Valente Maia, trainee lawyer at CCSM, defends ...

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Pro Bono

Aware of the social function of law, CCSM seeks to make the knowledge and experience of its lawyers available to the community.
Thus, we provide advice and representation to pro bono clients in defense of good causes, in particular private instituitions of social solidarity operating in the areas of education, health care, combating hunger and poverty.
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