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CCSM (Caldeira, Cernadas, Sousa Magalhães e Associados) is a law firm resulting from the association in 2019 of GMSCC (Gil Moreira dos Santos, Caldeira, Cernadas e Associados) with Sousa Magalhães e Associados, being both of them law firms firmly established for several decades in the Portuguese legal sector.

Some of the partners of GMSCC came from one of the first law firms established in Portugal (in 1985), while Sousa Magalhães e Associados followed a family tradition continuously associated with Law since 1732.

Although we value and we are proud of this historical legacy, we prefer to look to the future rather than to the past. Therefore, the current structure of CCSM is focused on providing an innovative and cutting-hedge legal support and on anticipating clients’ needs in various industry sectors.

As a result of this approach, several generations of lawyers coexist in harmony within our law firm and we have a natural and comfortable positioning in this complex, fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Our lawyers are in permanent contact between themselves, sharing problems, discussing solutions, increasing and strengthening their experiences and knowledge – which ultimately works for the benefit of our clients.

We believe that our simple, cohesive and agile structure allows for our clients to see in us a trusted advisor, able of adding value to their businesses, either by solving problems and conflicts in an efficient way, or by preventing risks and proposing solutions ahead.

We encourage and support the continuous training of our lawyers in their respective areas of interest, with the purpose of enhancing the specialization and assure that we are able to provide updated and accurate legal advice. Moreover, we maintain a close connection with the academia, with some of our lawyers being university professors and others frequently participating in training sessions and events organized by domestic and foreign universities.

Beyond our pro bono practice, the engagement of many of our lawyers with charitable organisations fosters an environment of social responsibility within our firm.

Pro Bono

As part of our social duty as a law firm, CCSM strives to use the knowledge and experience of its lawyers for the benefit of the community.
We provide pro bono legal advice and representation in support of good causes, and we work particularly with charitable organizations in the areas of education, healthcare, and fight against hunger and poverty.
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Our Identity

Reliable advice

Everything we do is oriented by a fundamental principle: technical accuracy. Our lawyers have a deep legal knowledge in their areas of practice, as well as a vast experience accumulated over the years in several industry sectors. The combination of these two factors allows for the advice provided by us to always be accurate, comprehensive, independent (namely of our own interests) and free from external pressures or distortions. Our clients may act trusting our legal advice.

Client proximity

At our law firm we favour the direct and personalized contact with our clients. Beyond the mere advice or representation in a specific matter, we are interested in knowing more about the activities, structures and operational context of our clients, so that we are able to identify opportunities and prevent future risks, thereby maintaining a permanent relationship. As a consequence of this approach, our lawyers uninterruptedly advice some clients for more than 20 years. Our clients don’t get lost within our organization and they may always count on a close, comfortable and dedicated contact point.

Practical and quick advice

We understand that our clients are looking for an accurate and comprehensive advice – but that this is not enough. In a business world increasingly complex and fast, such advice must be quick, practical and clear. Instead of abstract advice full of reservations – where it is hard to understand what is or not applicable to the given situation after all – our advice is focused on the particularities of the specific case. We further have the concern of turning all legal matters in clear explanations for our clients and to act promptly – because a late advice is no advice at all.

Local presence, global reach

Through our network of contacts and partnerships, we are able to answer properly to our clients’ needs in matters of international commerce and transactions. We remain, however, realistic. We know well that the dimension of our clients’ companies and businesses does not always allow them to get local legal support. In these cases, we try to provide a “neutral” legal advice, meaning we make use of international orientations and conventions, as well as of principles and rules that we know are applicable and easily understandable in the countries concerned. We try, in this realistic way, to reduce the risk of our clients’ international businesses.

Creativity and innovation

We are looking into the future and we recognize the importance of innovation in the strengthening of our traditional expertise. We are passionate about our work and we act with dedication, pleasure and ambition – which results in an insatiable wish to stand side by side with our clients in new business areas, in complex transactions and in everything that constitutes a challenge. We are capable of providing creative, innovative and sometimes unexpected solutions in matters of greater difficulty or complexity. At the same time, we have the confidence to step in with our clients in areas where Law has not yet been able to anticipate or keep pace with change.

Confidentiality and discretion

In all matters trusted to us we act with the maximum discretion, never exposing our client. We believe this is the only way we can create and maintain the necessary trust relationship between client and lawyer. We neither promote, advertise or disclose our participation in any lawsuits or transactions, nor the representation of any clients. As a consequence of this approach, our clients come to us not only for the provision of legal services, but also looking for advice in critical and sensitive business issues.

Regular updates

We maintain our clients permanently updated as to changes in relevant legislation, mainly by sending alert messages and newsletters. However, we do not do it in an automated or computerised way. All clients’ updates are personalized, so you may expect to receive from us only information with real relevance and significance for your field of trade.

Simple and competitive

We like to keep things simple. Throughout our activity we always have in mind the profile and size of the client, so we are able to propose adequate solutions and we tend not to over-complexify. We try to be aligned and never lose sight of what really matters to our client in a specific issue, with the purpose of always providing an efficient and business-oriented advice.

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